Paul Wood, Guitar Instructor

Guitar Instructor Paul Wood

My name is Paul Wood, I offer guitar lessons in the Syracuse, NY area.  I have been playing the guitar for 12 years and have been teaching people how to play the guitar for roughly 7 years now - I love it!

What to Expect in a Guitar Lesson

I tend to teach the guitar using contemporary worship music.  I teach guitar while always infusing a musician's perspective and music theory and proper terminology that will allow students to communicate with orchestral musicians more easily.  Not just teaching you how to play a chord but also why it is a chord.  My experience has taught me that If you know the hows and whys of music, then your ability to manipulate music will increase.  I put Music Theory into practice.

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Professional Guitar Player

There's a saying that says that "those who cannot do teach and those who cannot teach do" - well, I do both!  I just don't teach how to play the guitar, I put my skills to work every weekend as the Professional Worship Leader at Trinity United Methodist Church in Clay and at Andrew's Memorial United Methodist Church in North Syracuse.  It's so rewarding to be able to play the guitar for a living, and teach others, that I am humbled by just the thought of it.

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